Antiblock concentrates incorporate inorganic components that microscopically "roughen" the surface of blown and cast films. These roughened surfaces minimize the surface contact area between the films and decrease the tendency of these surfaces to adhere to one another. Common antiblock agents are outlined below.

antiblock concentrates

Common Antiblock Agents

  • SILICA: Most Effective, Highest Cost
  • TALC: Moderate Effectiveness; Best Clarity
  • CALCIUM CARBONATE: Moderate Effectiveness; Lowest Cost

We offer the following stock antiblock concentrates:

Additive Type Additive % Resin Product Code Click to Download Click to Download
Silica (DE) 20 PE ACLLAB20NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
Silica (DE) 50 PE ACLLAB50NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
Calcium Carbonate 80 PE ACLLCC80NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
Calcium Carbonate 75 PS ACPSCC75NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
Clarity Antiblock 20 PE ACLDAB20NA1 Data Sheet MSDS

Rainmaker Polymers also offers custom formulations and co-concentrates of antiblocks with other additives.
Please contact us for additional information.