Slip concentrates utilize low molecular weight chemicals that bloom the the surface of an article providing surface lubrication. This lubrication helps to reduce friction which minimizes film surface to surface tact and is also beneficial in high speed converting equipment.

The most common slip agents are chemically known as
amides and are categorized into two classes:


Low molecular weight amides bloom to the surface quickly and provide immediate slip chacteristics. Ideal for inline converting processes where immediate effectiveness of slip additives is desirable.


Higher molecular weight and more thermally stable amides bloom slowly to the surface. Preferred for off-line converting process and specific roll stock applications.

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We offer the following stock slip concentrates:

Additive Type Additive % Resin Product Code Click to Download Click to Download
Slow Bloom 5 PE ACLDSL05NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
Fast Boom 5 PE ACLLSL05NA2 Data Sheet MSDS

Rainmaker Polymers also offers custom formulations and co-concentrates of slip with other additives.
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