Processing aids help improve manufacturing thru-put and reduce surface imperfections in polyethylene films. The active processing aid component has an affinity for the metal surfaces and will migrate from the polymer to the extruder barrel and die surfaces. Once at these surfaces, a fine coating is formed that reduces the coefficient of friction between the metal and polymer. The ultimate effect is an improvment in production rates and a reduction in drag induced imperfections such as melt fracture.

processing aid concentrates

We offer the following stock processing aid concentrates:

Additive Type Additive % Resin Product Code Click to Download Click to Download
Fluoropolymer 3 PE ACLLPA03NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
Fluoropolymer 3 PE ACLLPA03NA3 Data Sheet MSDS
Fluoroelastomer 2 PE ACLLPA02NA2 Data Sheet MSDS

Rainmaker Polymers also offers custom formulations and co-concentrates of processing aid with other additives.
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