UV stabilizers are additives that protect resins from the degradative effect of UV light. The proper concentration of a UV stabilizer can add several years of useful outdoor life.

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UV stabilizers are divided into two categories:


Inhibitors will chemically react and disrupt the early stages of polymer degradation. These are very effective in thin articles such as film and sheet. Most common inhibiors are based upon hindered amine chemistry.


These are chemicals that absorb UV energy more readily than the base polymer and disipate this energy as heat. Absorbers are more effective in products with thick cross sections. Most common UV absorbers are based upon benzophenone chemistry.

We offer the following stock UV concentrates:

Additive Type Additive % Resin Product Code Click to Download Click to Download
UV Inhibitor 10 PE ACLLUV10NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
UV Absorber 10 PE ACLLUV10NA2 Data Sheet MSDS

Rainmaker Polymers also offers custom formulations and co-concentrates of UV with other additives.
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