Polymeric materials inherently build up static charges which can result in undesirable effects in the finished articles. 

  • Static build up in food packaging materials will attract dust to their surfaces. 
  • Static build up in electronics packaging can result in damage to the sensitive circuitry. 
  • Static build up on liquid storage containers can result in static discharge that can ignite flammable liquids and vapors.

Rainmaker Polymers' Antistat Concentrates disipate surface charges and eliminate the undesirable effects of static build up. These concentrates fall into two categories:


Chemical agents that bloom to the polymer's surface where they react with atmospheric moisture resulting in a microscopic layer of water on the surface that will dissipate the static charge. Stearates, Amines and Amides are the primary migratory antistats.


Inherently conductive agents that when added at relatively high levels will provide a network thru which static charges are dissipated. Carbon fibers, specific grades of carbon black as well as certain polymeric based agents can be added to the resin to form these conductive networks.

We offer the following stock antistat concentrates:

Additive Type Additive % Resin Product Code Click to Download Click to Download
Amine 5 PE ACLLAS05NA1 Data Sheet MSDS
Non-Blooming 100 n/a ACOTASXXNA1 Data Sheet MSDS

Rainmaker Polymers also offers custom formulations and co-concentrates of antistat with other additives.
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