Rainmaker Polymers offers a complete line of unfilled, filled and reinforced compounds that are available in a variety of resin systems. In addition to a portofolio of stock grades, Rainmaker Polymers can custom formulate compounds to meet the exact needs of your application. These compounds can also be offered as economical pellet blend of higher loaded masterbatches with unfilled resins to achieve the desired filler level and can be precolored to match your specific standard.

Outlined below is a brief summary of the common types of fillers and reinforcing agents that Rainmaker Polymers utilizes:

Filler Type Description Properties
GLASS 1/8 inch long bundled glass fibers Best stiffness, increased strength; minimal effect on color
MICA High aspect ratio platelets Improves stiffness and heat resistance; low cost; poor color
 TALC Platelets Improves stiffness and heat resistance; good color
CALCIUM CARBONATE Spherical particles Improves impact resistance; best color
WOLLASTONITE Fiberous mineral Improvement in scratch resistance
BARIUM SULFATE Spherical particles Increases specific gravity