Antifog Concentrates

Rainmaker Polymers' antifog concentrates prevent the formation of condensation droplets on plastic films. The chemical nature of the antifog component will either cause water droplets to "wet out" into a continous layer of water or due to their hydrophobicity will prevent droplets from forming. Typical applications are greenhouse film and food packaging.

Flame Retardant Concentrates

Flame retardant concentrates disrupt the flame process by diluting or preventing oxygen from getting to the flame front. This is accomplished through a reaction of these additives to form water vapor, halogen gas or char. Rainmaker Polymers offers a range of flame retardant systems that can be tailored to your exact application.

other additive concentrates

Nucleating Agent Concentrates

Nucleating agent concentrates contain finely dispersed mineral particles that provide nucleation sites for foamed applications. Primarily used in polystyrene, these concentrates result in very consistent foam density and provide uniform cell structure. Rainmaker Polymers offers concentrates at various loading levels to provide the best cell structure for the application.

Blowing Agent Concentrates

Blowing agent concentrates contain chemicals that react with heat to give off gas. This off-gas is trapped within the molten polymer to create a cellular, foam structure. Blowing agent concentrates are often used to remove sink marks in injection molded parts and also to provide structural strength to larger molded articles. Rainmaker Polymers offers blowing agent concentrates in various resin systems tailored to your specific application.