Rainmaker Polymers offers an extensive line of white color concentrates. These concentrates are manufactured with the highest degree of quality awareness to assure industry leading performance.

polymers white concentrates

Rainmaker white concentrates offer the following characteristics:

  • High degree of dispersion, even at high pigment loadings
  • Prime base resin systems
  • No fillers or extenders unless specifically designated
  • Excellent peformance for extrusion coating applications
  • FDA and Non-FDA grades are available.

We offer the following stock white color concentrates:

Pigment Type Loading % Resin Product Code Click to Download Click to Download
Rutile 80 PE CCLLTI80WH1 Data Sheet MSDS
Rutile 70 PE CCLLTI70WH1 Data Sheet MSDS
Rutile+Extender 70 PE CCLLOT70WH1 Data Sheet MSDS
Rutile 50 PE CCLLTI50WH1 Data Sheet MSDS
Rutile 70 PS CCPSTI70WH1 Data Sheet MSDS
Rutile 50 PS CCPSTI50WH1 Data Sheet MSDS

Rainmaker Polymers also offers co-concentrates of white with additives.
Please contact us for additional information.