Rainmaker Polymers has an extensive array of black color concentrates. Both FDA and non-FDA grades are available in various resin systems. Rainmaker Polymers black concentrates are formulated with narrow particle size carbon black to assure excellent dispersion and consistency.

Concentrates are available for use in many markets such as:

  • Food Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Utility Packaging
  • Disposable Containers

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We offer the following stock black color concentrates:

Pigment Type Loading Resin Product Code Click to Download Click to Download FDA Application
Carbon Black 50 EVA CCEVCB50BK1 Data Sheet MSDS No Compatible with most resin types
Carbon Black 50 PE CCLDCB50BK1 Data Sheet MSDS No Thin Utility Film, Extrusion Coating
Carbon Black 50 PE CCLLCB50BK1 Data Sheet MSDS No Film, Thin Sheet
Carbon Black 50 PO CCPOCB50BK1 Data Sheet MSDS No Molding, Extrusion
FDA Black 35 PE CCLLCB35BK1 Data Sheet MSDS Yes Food Packaging
Carbon Black 40 PS CCPSCB40BK1 Data Sheet MSDS No Sheet
FDA Black 35 PS CCPSCB35BK1 Data Sheet MSDS Yes Food Packaging

Rainmaker Polymers also offers co-concentrates of black with additives.
Please contact us for additional information.